Kitchen with cork wall tiling and an under-cabinet light above a faucet.

Discover the Beauty of Natural & Engineered Stones

At JPS Granite, we celebrate the unique beauty of natural stones like granite, marble, quartzite, onyx, and soapstone. Crafted by Mother Nature, each piece tells a color, pattern, and texture story. Discover the allure of JPS Granite stones enhanced by human touch, polished to perfection, and ready to transform your space.

All Natural Stones

Natural stones like granite, marble, quartzite, onyx, and soapstone display unique characteristics such as color and pattern variations, as well as natural features like fissures, pits, inclusions, blemishes, and dull spots. The human intervention involves polishing them for texture and filling chips and pits with colored epoxy resin, enhancing durability. Despite imperfections, their extreme hardness makes them durable and visually appealing for home use.

Close-up of a black and gold marbled texture.
A close-up of a white surface.

Engineered Stones

Discover engineered stones that offer both aesthetics and practicality with their hard, non-porous composition. Resistant to scratches but susceptible to damage from sudden temperature changes or direct heating, they eliminate the need for sealing treatments.

Edge Profiles & Backsplashes

Whether you're drawn to classic square cuts or sophisticated radius edges, our expert craftsmanship brings your vision to life. Choose from a range of edge profiles and backsplash options to enhance your countertops, ensuring seamless integration with your existing space.

Get Assistance

Turn to our skilled craftsmen for advice on selecting the perfect marble or granite products to complement your kitchen or bath. Visit our showroom or reach out for a personalized consultation.

A modern kitchen with stainless steel appliances and a granite countertop, featuring a bowl of fruit on the island.